Type B (Integral)


    Active joint sealing & crack-healing steel plate waterstop

    • Infinitely water reactive concrete sealing and healing of cracks – Protects joints for a lifetime (>80 years’ service life)
    • Up to 80% less labor intensive – compared to traditional waterbars
    • May be installed in any weather – The active mineral coating only reacts with the alkaline water in concrete
  • Quellmax® Plus

    Joint waterstop tape with rain protective coating

    • Self-injecting properties - Sealing and filling even the smallest voids and cracks through a combination of swelling Bentonite and free lime-forming minerals
    • Long term protection - Swelling and sealing is infinitely repeatable
    • Easy handling on site: non-sticky, light-weight, flexible and dimensionally stable even in high temperatures

    Joint waterstop tape

    • Excellent and immediate swelling of bentonite (>300%)
    • Time saving installation - No sticky protection tape to be removed prior to installation

    Joint sealing rubber for Prefab elements

    • Capable of swelling 4 times its own volume while being dimensionally stable
    • Specially suitable for Prefab concrete elements in the construction of basements, tunnels and mine shafts.
  • PVC waterbar
  • Predimax

    Multiple-injection hose system

    • Future proofs joints due to multiple injection capability
    • Unique design prevents unwanted concrete paste to enter system
    • Easy to install
  • CEM11 / CEM19

    Injection hose system

    • Allows injection of resins or cement in case of future water ingress in joints
    • The unique design prevents unwanted concrete paste to enter system
    • Easy to install

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