Your lifetime assurance against water penetration in non-movement joints

  • Infinitely water reactive concrete sealing and healing of cracks – Protects joints for a lifetime (>80 years’ service life)
  • Up to 80% less labor intensive – compared to traditional waterbars
  • May be installed in any weather – The active mineral coating only reacts with the alkaline water in concrete



Construction joints are particularly weak points in a below grade structure and as the nature of pressurized water is to target the path of least resistance, substandard joint sealing could potentially cause extensive damage to your structure.

Cemflex® VB is an active steel plate waterstop with a unique mineral coating that will infinitely react with water to heal concrete cracks and ultimately seal your non-movement construction joints.

Due to the long-term implications of environmental exposure and stress subjected onto a below grade structure, Cemflex® VB waterstop has been engineered to protect for a lifetime.

Application – Where to use Cemflex® VB

Cemflex® VB Steel Plate Waterstop functions as both an active and passive barrier to the transmission of water through all non-movement construction joints (both horizontal and vertical) in in-situ reinforced concrete.

It can be used in pressurized and non-pressurized water.

Main areas of application:

  • Construction joints in wall/floor areas in contact with pressurized and non-pressurized water
  • Wall/wall and floor/floor construction joints, or wall/ceiling areas
  • Joints between prefabricated components: wall/floor, corner joints, and predetermined breaking points

CEMflex® VB is also highly effective when combined with PVC Expansion Joint Water-bars for sealing the joint between Movement Joints and Non-Movement Joints

Technology – How does Cemflex work?

When fresh concrete is placed around Cemflex® VB Plate waterstop, the alkalinity (pH>11) of the concrete activates the patented coating producing a chemical reaction, causing the patented coating to soften and expand slightly, thus improving its osmotic effect. This allows it to penetrate deeply into any cracks in the concrete where it crystallizes and seals the oncrete.
This means that limestone created by the CHP (Calcium Hydroxide Penetration) process penetrates deep into the capillaries of the concrete.

The Cemflex® VB coating generates microscopic needles and fibers fusing within the body of the concrete, sealing capillaries and shrinkage cracks reliably and permanently, whilst continuously displacing moisture for the lifetime of the structure.

Without moisture, the components of the special coating do not react. Once installed, the patented coating on Cemflex® VB has infinite sealing ability. Should water or moisture come into contact with the coating at any time in the future, the coating will re-activate and repeat the sealing process. In doing so, the crystallization and fusion processes penetrate even deeper into the structure of the concrete.

Unlike conventional crystallization waterproofing, the Cemflex® VB active process does not create any salts which could potentially have an adverse effect on the reinforcing steel supporting the concrete structure.

Installation – Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install without welding or special fitting
  • May be installed before the concrete is poured, or installed directly
  • Requires only 30mm of concrete cover to function correctly
  • No sticky protection tape to be removed prior to use
  • Bonding the overlaps is not required
  • May be installed in all weather conditions as Cemflex® VB is only activated by the alkalinity of fresh concrete.
  • The simple design dramatically reduces the potential for poor installation or expensive remedial works
  • For specific installation instructions, please refer to Cemflex® VB product brochure or contact your local Cemproof technical support


  • BBA Agrément Certificate 15/5194
  • CE – Conformité Européene (DIBt / ETA-16/0601)
  • MPA – Building Supervisor’s General Test Certificate
  • iBMB (P-5147/258/09) General German Public Test Report
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Tested up to 8 bar water pressure (Vattenfall Rapport PR.117.21)
  • 80 year service The Public German Railway Authority life
  • Drinking Water Approval (DVGW Code of Practice W 347)
  • Oil-, gasoline- and fuel-resistance test (DIBT Approval Z-74.10-138)


  • Cemflex® VB 100; 2m lengths, 100mm high and 1.2 mm thick (Art.no: 13-110)
  • Cemflex® VB 150; 2m lengths, 150mm high and 1.25mm thick (Art.no: 13-100)
  • Cemflex® VB 200; 2m lengths, 200mm high and 1.25mm thick (Art.no: 13-129)
  • Cemflex® VB 200; 2m lengths, 250mm high and 1.25mm thick (Art.no: 13-130)
  • Cemflex® VB 200; 2m lengths, 250mm high and 1.25mm thick (Art.no: 13-130)
Form of delivery
  • Packed in wooden boxes with 50 lengths per box (100m/box)
  • Should be stored off the ground, in dry conditions which are free from frost
Minimum concrete cover
  • ≥ 30mm
  • 8,0 bar (80 m water pressure); test medium: water
  • ≥ 50mm
Approved for water exchange areas
  • Yes
Grade of waterproofing protection
  • Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 as British Standard 8102:2009 Type B
Type of waterproofing system
  • Type B BS8102:2009
Fire classification
  • Class E according to EN 13501-1


  • Product data sheet
  • Product brochure


  • Haverseilerveien Trondheim / NORWAY
  • Sparkasse Bratislava / SLOVAKIA
  • Tank Lincolnshire / UK


Superior waterproofing technology

Unlike conventional crystallization waterproofing, Cemflex® VB will infinitely seal and heal concrete cracks through a natural sintering process activated by alkaline water which does not create any aggressive salts that could have an adverse effect on the reinforcing steel supporting your concrete structure.

Secures structural integrity – For life

Independent tests have proven Cemflex® VB to be effective at up to 8 bar (80m) water pressure and it’s certified up to 80 years’ service life.

Less labor-intensive

The simplicity of installation will both save you time and minimize the risk of human error in application.

Main benefits of CEMFLEX VB

Infinitely water-reactive sealing and self-healing of construction joints. Protecting your structure over its entire service life.
Extremely quick, and simple to install – Up to 80% less labor intensive.
Fully weatherproof / installable in all weather conditions – Helps you stay on schedule.
Carbon-neutral manufacturing in our top-of-the line facility in Germany. Cemflex® VB is your environmentally friendly alternative.



Complete your design with the following products to achieve a fail-safe combination waterproofing system:

  • DUALPROOF® S – Self-healing, Radon tight, Waterproof Membrane
    • Protection against Ground Water & Ground Contaminants.
      • Resistant to Ground Gases (including Radon)
      • Protects concrete against salt and sulphate
    • Can be installed in all weather conditions – No project delays
    • Environmentally friendly alternative to bituminous products.
    • Provides all Grades of Protection according to BS 8102: 2009.
  • PREDIMAX® – Multiple Injection System for joint sealing
    • “Future-proof” your structure with this built-in multiple injection system, allowing for initial, scheduled, or remedial sealing of Joints
    • Easy to install
    • A unique patented design prevents unwanted fresh concrete paste to enter the system.
    • Predimax® is installed on the “dry side” and Quellmax on the “waterside”

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