The secret to great waterproofing?
Minimizing the risk of installation errors!

There are several factors that can cause your waterproofing to fail but often it’s a combination of two or more of the following:

  • Installation is too complicated
  • Products are down-speced / value-engineered from the original specification
  • Substrate condition/preparation and site-dewatering measures are insufficiently cared for
  • Incompatible system components (a single supplier is recommended)
  • The wrong products are specified for the application or are not suitable for the level of risk.
  • The installing contractor is inadequately trained in
  • the chosen system
  • Premature swelling/activation of system (if active protection).
  • Formwork is prematurely stripped before concrete is cured/strong enough
  • The concrete mix ratio can be off due to inaccurate testing or water is added to the mix on site, offsetting the cement to water ratio.

Is it possible to design out faults in workmanship and materials?

The short answer, YES!

All of these risk factors can be avoided “by design”, through due diligence in design, product selection, training, detailing, site supervision and open lines of communication between waterproofing designer, structural/site engineer and installing contractor.

Installation Excellence


Installation Excellence

  • Involve a waterproofing specialist who can support you from the design and product selection stage, to training, site inspection and installation sign off.
  • Consult a geotechnical specialist in order to safeguard the correct selection of products that are definitely “up to the risk at hand”
  • Make sure that all decisions made by others, that might have an impact on the waterproofing design, are brought to the attention of the waterproofing specialist/coordinator of record. Final decisions and any recommendations should always be approved by the designer.
  • Choose more durable and reliable system components. Trust us, it’s a lot less costly than dealing with the consequences of a waterproofing failure.
  • Make sure that your preferred system also offers superior installation benefits. Both installer and developer will thank you for saving them time, effort and minimizing the risk of errors.

Although your choice in waterproofing system isn’t visible on the surface,
a poor choice will make itself known with time.

Wouldn’t you prefer to feel just as confident knowing you’ve chosen a superior quality waterproofing system as you would when choosing any other product for your project?

If so, you might be interested in some of these products:


    • Saves time and money
      Studies show up to 80% installation labour saving compared to traditional waterstops.
    • Simple and quick to install
      Install either by attaching to the reinforcement pre-pour (using omega holders, and clips), or pushed straight into the poured concrete (using clips for the overlaps).
      No welding, bonding or special fitting equipment needed
      Extremely flexible. The coating is not negatively affected by bending to form corners.
      No sticky protection tapes to remove. Cemflex is not activated by rainwater so does not need protection.
      Eliminates the need to form a kicker
    • Safe and reliable
      No risk of displacement when pouring concrete from above
      No premature activation of coating
      Concrete splashes does not negatively affect the active sealing function
      Does not cause excessive cracking as the re-active coating does not exert expansive force on the surrounding concrete
      Not dependent on a flat concrete surface which is recommended when using a traditional waterstop tape.
    • Versatile
      Can be used for both vertical and horizontal joints
      Compatible with- and easy to connect with PVC waterbars for sealing the point where movement and non-movement joints meet
      Can be installed in any weather.

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    • Quick and easy to install
      Only weighs 450 g/m2 so extremely easy to handle on-site
      Very quick and easy to install:
      125m2 floor slab is sealed in <2 hours
      Two installers need 2,5 hours to seal 175 m2
      concrete walls
      Can be easily cut to pre-formed corner pieces and other details.
      Easily attached with stapler to formwork or mechanically fastened to concrete
    • Safe and reliable
      The self-sealing polymer fleece will heal minor penetrations caused during installation if later subjected to water
    • Versatile
      Can be used to seal pipes penetrating the sub-structure
      Can be both pre- and post-applied.
      Very suitable for prefab applications

    • Easy handling and time saving fitting
      Injection materials can be pumped at low pressure
      The special design prevents unwanted twisting when installing from the reel
    • Versatile
      Predimax is suitable for use with most injection materials
    • Safe and reliable
      The unique design prevents the fresh concrete paste from entering the system
      The smooth surface prevents bonding between the hose and the concrete