What are your expectations for the service life of your current building project?

If you’re like us, you’re probably aiming for 100 years. But your below ground structure won’t get there in one piece without the right waterproofing.

Keep reading to find out why the best designers and builders choose CEMPROOF…

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Why? Because CEMPROOF is the only waterproofing system that offers active protection and concrete healing capability throughout the lifetime of your below grade structure!

Our system is designed to make sure you achieve your goals of a successful project that:

  • Remains structurally sound in the future – minimizing the risk of future remedial work on the substructure
  • Stays on schedule – thanks to unmatched simplicity of installation limiting the risk of human error causing damages or delays
  • Is the best choice from a total cost perspective – due to savings in application time and minimized risk of future costs for the owner
  • Is better for the environment – Green building certified!

What legacy do you want to
leave behind?

Structural leaks

Structural leaks are costly, erodes confidence and damages reputations.

Remedial activities

Remedial activities are both difficult and expensive in terms of access to- and treating any potential leaks.

Do it right from the start!

From a total cost and sustainability perspective, it just makes sense to do it right from the start!

Designing the optimal waterproofing system

There are several considerations that should be addressed when designing the waterproofing of a new structure:

  • Level of waterproofing protection (Grade) required and what Type (A, B, C or combination) system will do the job.
  • Environmental exposure and potential stress to the structure
  • Sustainability (green building practices)
  • Efficiency and safety in installation
  • How to achieve the best total cost outcome, considering the risk of costly future remedial work due to water ingress


Our products all offer unique complementary benefits and are mutually compatible. This way, you can easily select the most suitable combination system based on your project requirements

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Successful projects

The Cemproof system has an outstanding track record of successful project references worldwide.





Independently tested

Our products are independently tested with exceptional results (German Railway, Swedish Vattenfall, Kiwa accredited testing laboratory, SKZ accredited testing laboratory etc)





BBA Approved

…and more. We’re certified by many of the leading international standards including British, German and US/Canada (ICC-ES).