Quellmax® Plus

Superior sealing of construction joints subjected to high water pressure and variable water tables.

  • Self-injecting properties – Sealing and filling even the smallest voids and cracks through a combination of swelling Bentonite and free lime-forming minerals
  • Long term protection – Swelling and sealing is infinitely repeatable
  • Easy handling on site: non-sticky, light-weight, flexible and dimensionally stable even in high temperatures



Construction joints are particularly weak points in a below grade structure and as the nature of pressurized water is to target the path of least resistance, substandard joint sealing could potentially cause extensive damage to your structure.

Quellmax® Plus Swellable Bentonite Waterstop Tape is particularly suitable for sealing non-movement joints in deep basements/applications (tested up to 7 bar/70 meters), and where you encounter variable water tables.

A patented rain protection coating prevents premature swelling of the tape for up to 3 days.

Application – Where to use Quellmax® Plus

Quellmax® Plus is designed to prevent water ingress through nonmovement joints in reinforced concrete structures that will be constantly, or temporarily exposed to water. Quellmax® Plus is suitable for both vertical and horizontal structural joints.

Main areas of application:

  • Construction joints in wall/floor areas in contact with pressurized and non-pressurized water
  • Wall/wall and floor/floor construction joints, or wall/ceiling areas
  • Especially suitable for sealing geometrically complicated details such as through-wall penetrations and concrete pilings.

Technology – How does Quellmax® Plus work?

Quellmax® Plus produces a powerful, fast and reliable swelling reaction that will seal any non-movement construction joint. Quellmax® Plus is also recommended for waterproofing of planned discontinuities in the waterproofing envelope, such as pipe penetrations or concrete pilings.

What makes Quellmax® Plus Bentonite Waterstop Tapes so effective is the high sodium bentonite content that is embedded in a matrix of macromolecular natural rubber as well as special fillers and crystalline admixtures.

The Sodium bentonite expands upon contact with water to form a seal against the concrete. In addition to the immediate swelling process, Quellmax® Plus also allows for an active long-term sealing by reacting with the alkalinity of the concrete to form Calcium Hydroxide (free lime) which supports the natural self-healing (sintering) process of the concrete. Both swelling and sintering are a natural and infinitely repeatable process.

When installed into the structural joint, Quellmax® Plus does not react immediately on contact with water because of the patented rain protection. Neither rain or general site water will activate the product, but when Quellmax® Plus is covered with concrete the alkalinity of the fresh concrete dissolves the protective coating and instantly activates the Quellmax® Plus Waterstop which only then will swell in contact with water, preventing water ingress through the joint.

Swelling and shrinkage is infinitely reversible.

Quellmax® Plus is tested and approved up to 7 bar water pressure and also for use in changing water tables (wet-dry circle test successfully completed).

Installation – Benefits

  • Simple to install using either adhesive or fixing rail/bar
  • The special rain protective coating prevents premature swelling for up to 3 days
  • Easy handling on site: non-sticky, lightweight, flexible and dimensionally stable even in high temperatures
  • No sticky protection tape to remove prior to use
  • Replacing passive PVC waterstops it eliminates the requirement of special pieces, split-forming and seam welding
  • For specific installation instructions, please refer to Quellmax® Plus product brochure or contact your local Cemproof technical support


  • MPA – Building Supervisor’s General Test Certificate
  • HYG Drinking Water Approval
  • Independently tested up to 7 bar water pressure
  • Wet-dry circle test successfully completed
  • Slurry and animal manure resistance


  • 16 x 21mm (Art.no: 11-301)
  • 18 x 24mm (Art.no: 11-401)
  • Further dimensions on request
  • 570 g/m (16x21mm)
  • 730 g/m (18x24mm)
Form of delivery
  • Packed in boxes with 6 x 5 m lengths per box (30m/box); 900m / pallet
  • Shelf life is 5 years when stored off the ground in dry conditions and free from frost
Minimum concrete cover
  • ≥ 80mm
  • 7,0 bar (70 m water pressure)
  • N/A
Approved for water exchange areas
  • Non-hazardous, non-poisonous category material, drinking water safe
Lifetime expectancy
  • Life of the structure
Grade of waterproofing protection
  • Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 as British Standard 8102:2009
Type of waterproofing system
  • Type B BS8102:2009


  • Product data sheet
  • Product brochure


  • Aviva Stadium Dublin / IRL
  • MWankdorf Stadium Bern / CH
  • Bjorvikatunnel Oslo / NO


Superior waterproofing technology

The Sodium bentonite in Quellmax® Plus is embedded in a unique matrix of high molecular butyl rubber as well as special fillers and crystalline admixtures resulting in a two-fold protective reaction to water ingress.

Quellmax® Plus will seal through swelling but will also heal smaller cracks in the concrete through mineralization (formation of free lime).

Secures structural integrity – For life

Independent tests have proven Quellmax® Plus to be effective at up to 7 bar (70m) water pressure and it will effectively seal the joints of your structure for its entire service life.

Less labor-intensive

Simple to install using either adhesive or fixing rail/bar. No sticky protection tape to remove prior to use

Easy handling on site: non-sticky, lightweight, flexible and dimensionally stable even in high temperatures

A special rain protective coating prevents premature swelling for up to 3 days

Main benefits of QUELLMAX® PLUS

Dual protection through both swelling (>500%) and additional mineralization that heals concrete through formation of free lime.
Optimal for structures that will be subjected to high water pressure (tested up to 7 bar/70m) and variable water tables.
The infinitely reversible swelling/shrinkage secures the integrity of your structure throughout it’s expected service life – Minimizing the risk of expensive future remedial work
The protective coating of Quellmax® Plus protects against premature swelling due to rain or general site water – No project delays



Complete your design with one or several of the following products to achieve a fail-safe combination waterproofing system:

  • DUALPROOF® – Radon tight, self-healing waterproof membrane
    • Protection against Ground Water & Ground Contaminants.
    • Resistant to Ground Gases (including Radon)
    • Protects concrete against salt and sulphate.
    • Can be installed in all weather conditions – No project delays.
    • Environmentally friendly alternative to bituminous products.
    • Provides all Grades of Protection according to BS 8102: 2009.
  • PREDIMAX® – Multiple Injection System for construction joint sealing
    • “Future-proof” your structure with this built-in multiple injection system, allowing for initial, scheduled, or remedial sealing of Joints
    • Easy to install
    • A unique patented design prevents unwanted fresh concrete paste to enter the system.
    • Predimax® is installed on the “dry side” and Quellmax on the “waterside”

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