Active waterproof sealing slurry

    • Can be applied to highly stressed, crack-prone surfaces (flex and flex+)
    • Active mineralizing and crystallizing waterproof sealing slurry by adding CEMdicht flex+
    • Easy handling: the end product may be brushed, troweled or sprayed
    • Can be used internally and externally
    • Can be used in pressurized and non-pressurized water situations
  • CEM 805

    One-component adhesive

    • Broad adhesion spectrum
    • Permanently elastic
    • Non-corrosive
    • Weather- and ageing resistant
    • Good UV-resistance
  • CEM 805 ACTIVE

    Hydrophilic (swelling) waterproof adhesive

    • Outstanding adhesion and cavity filling characteristics even on damp and uneven surfaces
    • Swells to up to approximately 200% of its original, dry state upon contact with water
    • The “active” waterproofing remains functional for the whole lifespan of the structure
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals, mineral-oil products, mineral and vegetable oils and greases
    • Solvent free and drinking water safe

    Water repellent impregnating cream

    • Drip-free application and therefore problem-free overhead work
    • Very good pump ability and dosing
    • High distribution capacity within the masonry structure
    • High penetration depth due to the long dwell time of the cream on the surface of the building material
    • Causes no deepening of color or stains on suitable surfaces of building materials
    • Alkali-stable

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