You’ll feel safer knowing CEMPROOF is there!

Lifetime protection

The only waterproofing system that offers active protection and concrete healing capability throughout the lifetime of your structure.

Ultra efficient and safe installation

Engineered for ultra efficient and safe installation, CEMPROOF saves you time, labour and minimizes the risk of manual errors.

Unmatched track record

Our system has an unmatched success rate, both in the field and lab, confirmed by independent test institutes and a zero product failure rate.

cemproof Better for the environment
Better for the environment

We’re green building certified (LEED, BREEAM, Nordic Swan Ecolabel) and our carbon neutral production facility is solar-powered and uses recycled rainwater to minimize our impact on the environment.

Why you shouldn’t settle for less?

Waterproofing components and installation generally represent a mere fraction of the total project cost, but often carry the biggest relative risk in terms of damages to your structure if it fails

  • Water ingress can cause damages to structure and internal environments
  • Aggressive chemicals can damage the concrete and steel reinforcement
  • Static and dynamic forces cause structural cracking
  • Gas penetration can be harmful for future occupants

There are numerous factors that put your below ground structure under stress potentially causing severe damages that are avoidable by design


Types of exposure and stress

Biological influences like plant roots and fungal/bacterial attacks damaging the wrong waterproofing membrane, finishes and content of building


Cemtobent CS is resistant against roots, and biological influences.

Types of exposure and stress

Unequal static forces due to load, settlement or uplift causing structural cracking.


Dualproof is highly flexible with high compound shear strength, and is unaffected by ground settlement.

Types of exposure and stress

Dynamic forces from settlement, seismic activity causing structural cracking


Dualproof is highly flexible with high compound shear strength, and is unaffected by ground settlement.

Type of exposure and stress

Temperature variations causing condensation, scaling or cracking of concrete


Any of our membranes will achive a dry environment (Grade 3) (in combination with the required HVAC systems).

Types of exposure and stress

Water ingress due to different levels of water exposure and pressure, causing harm to structure, finishes and internal environments.


Dualproof-S membrane: Water reactive, ultra-absorbant fleece protects against cyclical water (tested:5 bar/50m). Complement
with CEMflex VB waterbar for combination system (Types A+B)

Types of exposure and stress

Aggressive groundwater containing chemicals (sulfates and chlorides) causing damage to concrete and steel reinforcement.


Dualproof-S and –T, and Cemtobent CS membranes both protect against aggressive chemicals. Combine with Cemflex VB (or AVS for agricultural applications)

Types of exposure and stress

Ground gas penetration, causing exposure for occupants


Dualproof-S is resistant and tested against ground gases, including Radon.

Biological influences
Unequal static forces
Dynamic forces like ground settlement
Temperature variations
Changing water tables
Aggressive ground water containing chemicals
Gas exposure

Design a zero-failure waterproofing system

Every waterproofing project is unique so there are no universal solutions.

For that reason we’re here to help you define exactly what you need for each scenario, to ensure your structure will pass the test of time.


Infinite crack-healing capability

We’ve re-invented joint-sealing with CEMFLEX, a waterbar with a unique coating that supports the formation of free time inside the joint. Cemflex will seal any cracks in the non-movement joints of your structure, over its service life.

  • Approved for 80 years’ service life
  • Approved up to 8 bar hydrostatic pressure
  • Saves up to 80% installation time compared to traditional waterstops.

Protection against water & radon

Dualproof protects against both water and radon, making it the optimal two-in-one membrane.

To be on the safe side we’ve included three layers of protection:

  • An external layer of PVC to stop water ingress.
  • A middle layer of polymers for active sealing if the PVC layer should be damaged.
  • Finally a mechanical bond to concrete to stop lateral water migration in the unlikely event of water entering.

Belt and suspenders

With Predimax you effectively future-proof the non-movement joints of your structure!

The Predimax injection hose system features multiple injection capacity for initial, scheduled or remedial sealing of construction joints.


Best in class – Quality & Performance


Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany and Switzerland, and have been successfully used worldwide with zero product failures.


Independently Tested


Our products are independently tested with exceptional results (German Railway, Swedish Vattenfall, Kiwa accredited testing laboratory, SKZ accredited testing laboratory etc)

We’re greener


We’re green building certified (LEED, BREEAM, Nordic Swan Ecolabel) and our carbon neutral production facility is solar-powered and uses recycled rainwater to minimize our impact on the environment.


We lead through innovation


We only do Structural Waterproofing and where others are happy with good enough, we keep innovating to make waterproofing better, more durable, easier to install and more sustainable. In 2019 we were named one of Germanys Top 100 most innovative companies for the third time in four years .

(*BPA Gmbh)

Certified and accredited


We’re certified by many of the leading international standards including British, German and US/Canada (ICC-ES).

Over 40 years of excellence in waterproofing


We’ve spent the last 4 decades helping designers, specifiers and contractors select, design and install the optimal waterproofing for their projects.


Why you should work with us!

  • Best in class – Quality & Performance
  • Independently Tested
  • We’re greener
  • We lead through innovation
  • Certified and accredited
  • Over 40 years of excellence in waterproofing

Tell us about your project

We want to make your life easy, so we’ve made a project configuration module to help you get an overview of what type of below grade waterproofing system your next project requires.

Input your project parameters and we’ll tell you what you need for zero-failure waterproofing solution!