Radon and root-resistant waterproof liner, transparent for easy detection of concrete voids

  • Quick and simple installation: Lightweight for easy handling on-site, No need for complicated welding equipment
  • Resistant to Ground Gases (including Radon) and protects against salt and sulphate attacks
  • BBA Approved



As a first line of defense, a great waterproof membrane will stop any water coming into contact with your below ground structure. This is important because concrete will invariably crack, be it from settlement, unequal static forces or during curing. Needless to say, subsequent water ingress can cause extensive harm to your structure and internal environments.

Dualproof® C will effectively stop pressurized, aggressive water as well as Radon, and is strong enough to withstand movement due to ground settlement.

Application – Where to use Dualproof® C

Dualproof® C is for any application where reinforced concrete structures must be protected against groundwater, contaminated soil and Radon.

It is highly suitable for external, single layer structural waterproofing of floor slabs and exterior concrete wall surfaces against soil moisture and non-pressurized and pressurized water.

Main areas of application:

  • Structural waterproofing of floor slabs and exterior concrete walls
  • Below ground reinforced concrete structures like foundations and tunnels
  • Pressurized and non-pressurized water
  • Contaminated groundwater, Radon and Root growth

Technology – How does Dualproof® C work?

Firstly, the tough and flexible exterior PVC-membrane will keep yourstructure safe from moisture, salts, radon and root penetration. Movementand cracking due to ground settlement will not damage or diminish theperformance of the membrane.

Secondly, by forming a permanent bond with the freshly poured concrete, any water is prevented from tracking between the membrane and the concrete, thus decreasing the risk of water finding a path through a joint or crack.

Installation – Benefits

  • Lightweight and versatile: Easy on-site handling
  • Fast and easy to install, no need for complicated welding equipment
  • May be installed in all weather conditions
  • For installation instructions, please refer to the Dualproof® product brochure or contact your local Cemproof technical support


  • British standard BS 8102:2009
  • Kiwa Certificate
  • CE Marking DIN EN 13967
  • German DIN 18195 Standard – the new DIN 18533
  • German DIN SPEC 20000-202 approved
  • General German Test Report PG-ÜBB / abP
  • CPR Certificate (the Construction Products Regulation) – EN 13967:2004 + A1:200


  • 1,08 x 20 m
  • 1,50 x 20 m (T 1,0)
  • 2,16 x 25 m
  • 1611g/m2
Form of delivery
  • 1,08 x 20 m: 21,6 m² per roll / Pallet with 9 rolls
  • 1,50 x 20 m: 30 m² per roll / Pallet with 9 rolls
  • 2,16 x 25 m: 54 m² per roll / Pallet with 9 rolls
  • Dualproof should be stored in its original manufacturers packaging in dry conditions above 5°C
Minimum concrete cover
  • N/A
  • Minimum 50mm, and the ends of the rolls staggered by a minimum of 300mm
Lifetime expectancy
  • Life of the structure
Grade of waterproofing protection
  • Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 as British Standard 8102:2009
Type of waterproofing system
  • Type A BS8102:2009


  • Product brochure


  • Haribo Grafschaft / Germany
  • Medical Centre Frankfurt / Germany
  • Industrial building Jegenstorf / Switzerland


Superior waterproofing technology

With Dualproof® C you getwaterproofing protection through the mechanical bonding to concrete which stops lateral water migration.

Secures structural integrity – For life

The membrane protects against Radon and Root penetration and is tough enough to withstand soil settlement and cracking concrete

Less labor-intensive

Dualproof® C is a light-weight membrane that is easy to handle on-site and very simple to install.

Main benefits of DUALPROOF® C

Protects against pressurized- and contaminated groundwater,
Protects against radon gas and root penetration
The transparent PVC allows detection of concrete voids under the membrane.
Withstands ground settlement and concrete cracksrnLightweight, easy to handle and time-saving installation


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