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Waterproofing is our passion!

Since starting out in 1998 as BPA Gmbh, we’ve constantly strived to improve on how to make below ground structures watertight.

We realized early that through technological innovation we could help the construction industry take giant leaps in not only waterproofing performance but also simplicity of application. The first breakthrough was made in 20xx with CEMflex VB, a unique waterstop which to this day remains the best solution on the market for sealing of non-movement construction joints.

Innovators since day one

We’ve always gone our own way, developing new, better solutions to old problems. As a testament to that, we’re proud to have been named not once, but three times one of Germany’s top 100 most innovative companies (2015, 2017, 2019). Over the years, the company has entered into several partnerships with other innovators within the waterproofing space, and in 2019 we started operating under one name, the CEMPROOF Group.

We’re here for you

Our vision is both simple and complicated, we here to help the construction world achieve zero-failure waterproofing!

We’re here for you!

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We’d love to support you along your waterproofing design and application journey. Feel safer knowing our extensive technical knowledge and experience is there to ensure you make the right choices.